Dinosaurs In Dollar Stores

by Strangeness In Proportion

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This album includes rerecorded versions of all the demos from Dinosaurs in Dollar Stores. If purchased you will also receive a bonus track which is a rerecorded version of "Write Things. They're Lovely".

If you could spare some money for the album it's a much appreciated; if you can't, enjoy it anyway.


released January 15, 2016

Recorded by: John Leahy
Edited by: John Leahy
Mastered by: John Leahy
All original songs by: Sean Cahalin
Covers of songs originally by: Neutral Milk Hotel, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties, and Neck Deep
Album art by: Isabel Parsons



all rights reserved


Strangeness In Proportion Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Strangeness In Proportion is Sean Cahalin, a singer songwriter from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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Track Name: Some Hearts Are More Crooked Than Others
I walk down the street
I feel nothing but defeat
I hear a lover sing
I don't feel a thing
When I'm home alone
I ignore the phone
I tried to grab your wrist
Oh dear I must have missed

You are in distress
Oh look, you're such a mess
Now I have to leave
What have you done to me

I walk down the road
I feel nothing but alone
O stand at the window
As tears scald and start
Love your crooked neighbor
With your crooked heart
When I drown in sadness
I think about our last dance

Tomorrow or today
Life will leak away
I'll write my poetry
All over my body
Track Name: Bright Side of Summer
Do I still make you laugh like I used to?
Or did I stop being funny to you?
Do you miss me like I miss you?
Or am I not important to you?
If it was so hard to forget me
Why's it so easy ignoring me?
I'll text you every once in awhile
I don't think you'd even smile

When did it go from cute
To just plain annoying?
I invited you to my show
I knew you wouldn't go
Listen to your music
And I'll write mine about you
Scratches on my guitar
Scars in your wrist

You treated me terribly today
I wrote about you anyway
A valentine with things you love
You didn't even give me a hug
We were together for a short time
It felt like forever
Now we aren't together
It feels like time has stopped

I hate staying up this late
All I think about is fate
I don't know what went wrong
We were together for so long
There never was an easy way
To find the words to sat
Flip the record over
So I can see the bright side of summer
Track Name: I Hate My Friends
I don't know what to do
It's like I don't exist to you
I'm the third wheel walking behind
You only call me when you're high
How can you ignore me
After everything that's happened
I can't remember anything
Besides crying on my floor

I think I hate my friends
They probably hate me too
They'll smoke all my weed
And ignore me nest week

Cut off connection with everyone the other day
My friends are changing colors, I remain gray
You're the people who hurt me the most
Are you my friends on enemies? Everyone's too close

I definitely hate my friends
I know they hate me too
They drink all my beer
I won't be important next year
Track Name: Invisible Man
the weather has gotten me down
I hate that i wish to be
6 feet underground
I don't want to be me

I've been lost in my head
for way too long
I don't know where to go
can't remember where I've gone

I have realized people change
some over night, some over years
they aren't who I knew back then
the blood drips just like tears

days are getting longer
and nightmares are coming back
our talks are getting shorter
there are so many words I lack

I've put my bracelets back on
and changed my hair again
I tried to write my feelings
but the pencil was broken
Track Name: Storm Clouds on a Happy Day
I've made plenty of mistakes
these past few months
I will always love you
I've said it more than once
This is a song about our breakup
a song about how I felt
while I'm writing this
I can't forget how you smelt
I couldn't handle the constant fights
almost every night
we both tried our hardest
I was never right
you'd come over
to watch How I Met Your Mother
we'd lay in bed
and think about the summer

You want to just be friends
I'll learn to live with that
I can't say I like how
this year has been spent
you hate when I text you high
you could have said goodbye
the funny thing about life is
you can't spell it without "lie"
too many nights I've
been lying awake in bed
I can't get the memories
out of my head
we almost made bad decisions
by the library
all my mistakes
are involuntary
Track Name: Things Change
My mother is gone
my father hasn't mowed the lawn
I lay awake until dawn
wondering how things could be so wrong

My sister will cry
and my brother will lie
I lay awake, asking why
the neighbor girl stopped dropping by

The bride watches the doves
the groom is not in love
I lay awake to solve
the mystery from above

I am all these people, but not at all
getting picked up is harder than the fall
I finally lay down, oh so tall
With bits of brain sprayed on the wall
Track Name: State of Being Alone
Do you remember about a year ago
when we were still together
the time has finally passed by
but it's been so slow
I fell on the floor and cried
While you were totally fine
I've given up on songs that rhyme
They just took too much time

All my friends are dating friends
and my friends are dating my exes
I have trouble telling you
that this makes you uncomfortable
I got so drunk last night
and I blew up your phone
you called me an idiot
and wanted to be left alone

I contradict myself
in every possible way
I'm a million different people
and I hate them all

I've spent this whole year
sitting silently in my room
worrying about my life
and ignoring my phone
Track Name: Ethan's Bong
he got kicked out of his house
his parents couldn't stand him
hasn't gone to work
in about 6 months
all he does is smoke weed
and play video games
he has no motivation
his life is a waste
everybody hates him
all his friends forgot him
he's sadder than he thinks
he's just so fucking pathetic
he got arrested last week
they found the weed in his pocket
he was gonna listen to Pink Floyd
on his record player
the only thing he celebrates
is 4/20
he has nowhere to live
and doesn't have a girlfriend
Track Name: It's Been Awhile
haven't seen you in awhile
Did your hair get longer?
I bought you something the other day
I'm pretty sure you threw it away

I'll dye my hair blue
and try to impress your dad
time with you is
the best I've ever had
Can't listen to songs because of you
you'll listen with someone new
Remember when you drew on my wall?
it's my favorite art of all

I've considered dropping out of school
So I can focus on myself
therapy didn't help my brain
but maybe pills will numb the pain
Track Name: Walking Expiration Dates
cold showers and long car rides
are the only times I can think
sit on the side of the road
and all I do is shrink
smaller, so insignificant
I think you're getting sick of me
sorry i said anything

Short hellos and long goodbyes
are the hardest things for me
smoke on a trampoline
where no one will see
I want to leave this town
and see something new
if I stay, I will drown
sorry I wasn't good enough

I kept the pictures of you and me
I lost a friend today
watching cartoons on your couch
and talked the pain away
I rested on the windowsill
as you walked through me
the friendship i tried to rebuild
will never be forgotten
Track Name: King of Carrot Flowers, Part One (Cover)
When you were young you were the king of carrot flowers
And how you built a tower tumbling through the trees
In holy rattlesnakes that fell all around your feet

And your mom would stick a fork right into daddy's shoulder
And dad would throw the garbage all across the floor
As we would lay and learn what each other's bodies were for

And this is the room one afternoon I knew I could love you
And from above you how I sank into your soul
Into that secret place where no one dares to go

And your mom would drink until she was no longer speaking
And dad would dream of all the different ways to die
Each one a little more than he could dare to try
Track Name: Divorce And the American South (Cover)
Hey Dianne,
Could you pick up the phone?
I know that you're listening.
Baby, I know that you're home and I know where I went wrong.
Don't you leave me alone.
Could you pick up the phone?

I'm lost at a truck stop somewhere in the South.
I don't know where I'm going, but I'm figuring it out.
I locked myself in this phone booth; read your number out loud.
Now, I'm waiting it out.

If I lay here long enough, maybe the bugs will eat me whole.
If I stay here long enough, maybe the night would take me home.
I won't let go, even if you say so.
No, I won't let go.

Hey, Dianne,
I've been trying to quit.
I went from pack and a half a day to this e-cigarette bullshit.
It don't give me what I want, but it stops them coughing fits.
Oh, I know how you hate it.

Hey, Dianne,
I know I fucked up.
It's just when we lost the baby, I kind of shut off.
I know I never listened. I wasn't there for you enough.
I'm a fuck up..

If I lay here long enough, maybe the bugs will eat me whole.
If I stay here long enough, maybe the night could take me home.
I won't let go, even if you say so.
No, I won't let go.

I had a dream I flew back North
And the plane went down before we hit New York.

You didn't come to the funeral.
You didn't come to the funeral.

I hope you'd come to the funeral.
I hope you'd come to the funeral.

Hey, Dianne
Track Name: A Part of Me (Ft. Brenna Grealish)(Cover)
I'll paint you a picture with words “I miss her”.
We still talk like everyday
But we don't talk in the same way that we used to
I'll move on and forget you
We could never see eye to eye
But either way.

I like her 'cause she's smart, headstrong and independent,
She puts me in my place, but I don't know where I stand,
And if only I could find the words, or muster up the nerve to tell her
I'll never forget her
And she'll always have a part of me.

Don't let me go down this road again
We both know where this ends
In a storm of feeling, I'm so unappealing
I can't play these games

I like her 'cause she's smart, headstrong and independent,
She puts me in my place, but I don't know where I stand,
And if only I could find the words, or muster up the nerve to tell her
I'll never forget her
And she'll always have a part of me.

She'll always have a part of me.

I was falling for a girl who would ask me to come over
Just for a day, when her parents were away,
Now all I can do is lay in my room,
Fall asleep, dream of you,
Then wake up and do nothing about it

I fell for a boy who could never ever let me walk home that way,
'Cause you gotta be safe,
So hold back your views,
We're both leaving soon,
I can't fall back on you,
'Cause that's not what I do.

She hates it when I shout these words,
But I'll still sing for you.
I'll still sing for you.
I'll still sing for you.