Poet For The Hopeless EP

by Strangeness In Proportion

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Originally poems written by Sean Cahalin.


released January 10, 2016

Art by Sean Cahalin



all rights reserved


Strangeness In Proportion Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Strangeness In Proportion is Sean Cahalin, a singer songwriter from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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Track Name: The Mind
The mind is a television
Replaying reruns constantly
And my favorite show
Is called "Nostalgia"

The mind is a locked case
To hold thoughts in
Sometimes it can't contain it all
And things fall out

The mind is a cave
It is meant to get lost in
But the deeper you go
The darker it is

The mind is s rubber band
Being used
And yanked to its maximum
Until it snaps

The mind is a time bomb
Waiting patiently
Until everything blows up
Track Name: Ode to Insomnia
I can't sleep
Because every time I close my eyes
Even to blink
I see you

I can't remember
When all my dreams
Were inhabited by you
And turned into nightmares

I've become
Close friends
With coffee
And darkness

I wi cut off my eyelids
And burn my wrists
With the cherry of a cigarette
That tastes like you
Track Name: Small
If gumballs could feel
Would they feel small?
Would they know
Just how small they are?

But who's to say
If gumballs could feel
They wouldn't feel big?

And who's to say
The planets
Aren't gumballs in space?
I wonder how they'd taste

Do humans know
How small they are?
They act oh so big
Maybe it's just a human thing

Sometimes I leave my small house
And lay on the grass
Protruding from
This small gumball planet

And I feel content
With his small we all are
And it's okay to be small
Even if you're ten feet tall
Track Name: Bathroom
The bathroom knows secrets
It knows how you look
First thing in the morning
It knows how low
Your self esteem is
It knows how you burnt your hair
When you were trying to smoke

The bathroom knows
You've been doing push ups to feel strong
And that you cry when you shower
And that you used to cut yourself
And sometimes you consider starting again

It knows the number of times
You went there to hide
And it knows the number of times
You've taken a few handfuls of sleeping pills
But decided to throw them up

It has seen you at your worst
But don't worry
Your secrets are safe
In the bathroom
Track Name: Broken Glass Heart
Jagged pieces
Of a broken glass heart
Cut you from the inside, out
With every beat
Pounding in your chest
The broken glass heart
Does not pump blood
It just makes you bleed
It keeps you alive
But with catch
You feel like dying
He shreds your insides
Until there is only
A hike in your chest
That nests
The broken glass heart
Track Name: The Field
I want to lay in a field
Where nobody goes
Let the blades of grass slice through me
And sink into the world

I will lay in a field
Where nobody goes
I'll get lost in the cotton candy sky
And fly into oblivion

The clouds in a sky
Above the field, I lie
Morph into distorted memory
Of when we went where nobody goes

As bugs devour me
And soil pulls me underground
Everything is alright
Everything is fine
Because sometimes
You have to feel like a corpse
To know
You are alive