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This EP includes 3 songs about being Sixteen.


released October 10, 2016

Recorded by: Sean Cahalin
Written by: Sean Cahalin



all rights reserved


Strangeness In Proportion Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Strangeness In Proportion is Sean Cahalin, a singer songwriter from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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Track Name: Bonfire
We threw our first party
and nobody came
but the 2 of us had fun
and smoked the night away

We sat at the bonfire
watched the flames rise
we talked about road trips
when you first learned to drive
we thought we were smart
to hotbox the car
we didn't get far
before my hair caught on fire

Do you wanna have a bonfire
at my house, next week
get really baked
and probably fall asleep
we could play games
or play our guitars
wherever I go
it'll be where you are

Do you remember all the times
when we were stoned
and watched Scott Pilgrim
while we were home alone
when we went to the tube
and almost got caught
by that guy and his dog
ditch the weed we just bought
Track Name: Getting Older
I don't need a shitty therapist
to tell me I have depression
because it's only worth their time
for 80 dollars a session
no one gives a shit about me
I can't say I blame them
when I get in one of my moods
and am a jerk to all my friends

I've been better
but whatever
I'm still figuring things out
I've been better
can't blame the weather
for bringing me down

I feel I'm starting to grow up
time is flying by
maybe I'm not the best person
but at least you know I try
I don't feel like a kid
who used to watch Scooby Doo
now all I want
is to do drugs with Shaggy too

I've been better
but whatever
things start to work out
I've been better
kept every letter
to read when I'm down
Track Name: Sixteen
It was your sixteenth birthday
and I came over to hang
I got you your first turntable
we listened to Modern Baseball
we hung out since noon
and snuck out of your room
I held you close
through all our highs and lows

You were sixteen
and full of life
and we'd stay up all night
you were sixteen
and tired of this place
and went against how you were raised

I don't know what I'd do
if I never met you
I love you more than you could know
please don't go

you were sixteen
we'd talk about life
I wished you goodnight
you were sixteen
with a beautiful face
and I kept you safe