Thaw The Earth

by Strangeness In Proportion

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"Thaw The Earth" is the second full length album by Strangeness In Proportion. It is a concept album using the idea of a cold winter and a warm spring as a metaphor for depression and recovery.


released August 1, 2016

No Fly Records

Recorded by: CJ Dunleavy
Edited by: CJ Dunleavy
Mastered by: CJ Dunleavy
All original songs by: Sean Cahalin/ "The Storm Will Pass" by Brenna Grealish
Album art by: Julia Ferrara

Special thanks to: Brenna Grealish, David Giller, CJ Dunleavy, John Leahy, Julia Ferrara, Matt Gery, Riley Powers, Chris Palmer, Billy Ailtmar, Lucius Faythe, Brandon “B-Dawg” Roseberry, and Wes Whitaker
Thank you all for the love and support. I love all of you and I hope you all love this record.



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Strangeness In Proportion Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Strangeness In Proportion is Sean Cahalin, a singer songwriter from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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Track Name: Never Cut A Tree Down In Wintertime
I don't know
what to say
I'll feel better
when the snow goes away
when you said
I wasn't happy
I thought
I'd never be
Track Name: Artificial Warmth
I lit a candle
And watched it burn bright
I stared into the flame
And hoped things would be alright

I don't think the snow has
Ever made me feel so warm
Look to the past and find
Handfuls of memories to mourn

If it's too hot for you
We could get undressed
I could tell you all the things
I've always wanted to confess
We could hold each other
In the middle of a dark room
And when I look in your eyes
It's like staring at the moon

But it's all fantasy
Just my head in the clouds
I dream of this
Until the candle burns out

Until the candle burns out

The candle burnt out

Oh the candle burnt out

Candle burnt out
Track Name: Getting A Drought When You Need A Downpour
I've been trying to get better
Ditch the dark spots in my brain
But my only sense of serenity
Is walking when it rains

I hate to be pessimistic
But things are getting worse
I hate to be cynical
But it feels like me against the universe

And things have been
Tumbling down
Things have been
Tumbling down

It started with a suicide note
And 2 beat bowls
Ended in a fight
And me leaving home

So leave me alone
I'm not coming home
When you said I wasn't happy
I thought I'd never be

So leave me alone
I'm not coming home
I got all your calls
But I'm ignoring my phone
Track Name: Tombstones
I saw tombstones with the names
Of all the kids
I went to school with
I didn't
Go to
The funerals

I kept having flashbacks
Of that
If I make it out of winter
I'll be
I'll be okay

I miss being
Friends with the
Kids who never grew up
But in
The end
I never cared enough

I'll answer all
the questions
That you'll never ask
I've established
A fake confidence
And I wear it like a mask

When you said I wasn't happy
I thought
I'd never be
Track Name: Baby Steps In Big Shoes
I'm on the road
To recovery
But I'm not sure
If I'll make it

I want to know what happened
To the kid who was always happy
Does it really get easier
Or just easier to lie
I'm tired of the same things
Everything's a bore
I don't need 100 metaphors
To say I don't enjoy life anymore

I've been trying to get better
I'm the best I'll ever be
But jumping in front of cars
Doesn't sound like recovery

I've been trying to believe
The world's not so bad
But sometimes it's hard to see
Looking at the things I've never had
But I'm starting to realize
You don't decide my feelings
My life is up to me
And I'm ready to start healing
Track Name: Walk In The Park
Green grass
Every person
I've ever
Walked passed
Blue skies
Sunny day
And stars
In the night

Talk to me
About life
And what happiness
Feels like
Sun started
To rise
I saw flowers
In your eyes

The silence
In a rainy day
Washed all
The pain away
The stillness
Of a park
Is like a
Worm of art
Track Name: May Flowers
I've been having better days
The flowers started to bloom
But Sometimes it still rains
But that won't keep me in my room
I believe there's a yellow umbrella
Out there, somewhere
But maybe I've been watching
Too much "How I Met Your Mother"

I'll head upstate
Just to get away
Live day by day
And finally be happy
Track Name: Unfinished Tree House
I was sitting in the woods
On a nice spring day
Listening to music
And working on photography

It's where I go
When I want to be alone
But lately I've gone
Because it feels like home

I've been writing about recovery
Under the unfinished tree house
I told myself I'd be fine
And for once I wasn't lying
The warm weather
Made things better
I hope it stays this way
I couldn't handle another snow day

I want to be inspired
Reread my favorite books
I've kept a journal
To write down my thoughts

I've been thinking about being vegan
I've been thinking of starting again
I've been thinking about cutting my hair
I don't think I would dare
I've been thinking about a roadtrip
Dropping everything
Been thinking about writing a book
But I don't think that I could
Track Name: A Song For Henry David Thoreau (Transcendentalism Song)
I've been reading "Walden"
For the third time this month
In the woods under
The unfinished tree house

I've been looking forward
To the little things in life
For the first time in years
I can say I'm glad to be alive

I found comfort in nature
And being by myself
Forget materialism
Stop searching for wealth
Question everything
Do what you love
Find your passions
What you have is enough
So go exploring
And watch the sun set
Because the little things
Are the best things you'll get
Track Name: On The Road
I've been saving up money
To finally buy a car
Because I want to leave this place
And I want to go far

Never thought the day would come
When I could finally feel free
Love the sun's heat
And the wind's soft breeze
Longing for the perfect sunset
Or maybe the perfect storm
To wash away my past
And leave me feeling reborn

I reread "On The Road"
Was better the second time around
Time to get my chin up
And my feet off the ground

I want to visit places
I didn't know exist
I want to get better at guitar
Take more time to practice
Learn who I am
Who I want to be
Give it some time
I'll find out eventually
Track Name: Spring Will Come
I love the blue skies
and walking in the park
I fell asleep on the hill
in your backyard

let's watch flowers grow
and watch your favorite show